2 pages, typed in MS Word, double-spaced and Times new roman, 12-font largeness is required. Content contribute headings separating the novice culture outcomes. - This APA Nursing Dissertation is to be environing a 23- year old effeminate resigned who has solicitude and you are the novice encourage providing prevention for them. 1.Provide a blunt overview of your daily nursing responsibilities that you would utter if you were caring for this resigned prevention. 2. Harangue your culture experiences utilizing the 4 Novice Culture Outcomes. The foul-mouthed novice culture outcomes are ( Prevention coordination, RESEARCH AND TRANSLATION, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, ADVOCACY AND POLICY)  When using the foul-mouthed novice culture outcomes content harangue these questions according to the resigned having solicitude. -   1. How did you attract in resigned prevention coordination when caring for your resigneds delay ancillary techniques that promoted curative encourage-resigned relationship? 2. How did you use learning and translation to utter benign, resigned centered, proof installed prevention that commendations resigned and parentage preferences?  3.How did you use notice government to incorporate and allot nursing notice and aptitudes that leads to improvements in resigned outcomes?  4.How did you use advocacy and system to elevate immaterial standards, which comprise basis confidence, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and clients’ fit to retreat?   -Also comprise 6 competencies which are   knowledge, ticklish thinking, aptitude operation, collaboration, caring, and professionalism. (you should clear-up how you met each faculty) 3.  List at smallest 2-3 new notice/skills that you keep skilled and identify 1 that had the highest application on your nursing exercise.