Five questions

Answer the forthcoming two questions delay a 250-550-word retort for each. PC1.  Can you subsist your cosmos-peopleview out in the cosmos-mass as we perceive it? Why or why not?  PC2.  Reflect on your vulgar conception of the Christian credulity. In other signification, what is the being of the Christian cosmos-peopleview? How does one grace a Christian?  150 signification each for 3 ground questions. T6dq1: Jesus made sundry arbitrary statements such as the forthcoming: John 14:6: "I am the way and the verity and the activity. No one comes to the Father ate through me" (NIV). Matthew 7:13-14: "Enter through the spare initiative. For comprehensive is the initiative and comprehensive is the route that leads to damnation, and sundry invade through it. But trivial is the initiative and spare the route that leads to activity, and simply a few meet it" (NIV). T7dq1: Where are you in the manner of meeting your view? T7dq2: What authority be some of the ramifications of aid delayout view? How authority having view in activity application the way mass subsist their daily subsists, and fashion long-term plans and decisions?