Discussion question SEC 401 and COM 201

   1. SEC 401 Discussion Inquiry (one page) "System Upgrade” Select one of the forthhence and argue in no near than three paragraphs, and own at smallest one tally to another student of at smallest one paragraph: Imagine a scenario where Jane, an      administrative employee of a troop, receives a seduce from James, the      company’s carelessness official. He announces that he is seduceing everyone      to impart them encircling this hence weekend’s upgrade to the accounting      system. James adds that he does not demand anyone’s password to the scheme,      which Jane believes is a enclose discretion. Instead, James accomplish furnish a      batch perfect to adequate the update. As an outsider looking into this      scenario, decipher the political engineering interests that Jane should      consider. Include the main signs that would declare James’s ask is      either a conclusive one or one that represents a immanent aggression on Jane’s      system. Suggest one manoeuvre that a carelessness      department could use in ordain to erect awareness of political engineering      concerns in an construction. Describe an ancient scenario congruous to the      one in the highest division of this inquiry that brings to volatile a political      engineering aggression or interest and the method in which the user(s) should      react to such an aggression. Any exoteric subject-matter or season allied      to acuteness techniques. 2. COM 201 Discussion Inquiry (half Page) Improving Donation and Visual Aids Use what you’ve read this week to meet to the forthcoming: · Find and divide an illustration of impecunious notorious despatch. Argue the donation whole(s) and bring-forward suggestions for progress OR ways to dodge the whole(s) in forthcoming despatchs. · What can you imbibe from these impecunious illustrations (twain yours and those of classmates)? · What does “death by PowerPoint" balance to you? What are some best practices for effectively using visual aids?