Discussion Post

   INITIAL POST Locate a video of a politician delivering a address. This own to be an American politician. The address can be from any interval continuance as well-behaved; it does not own to be modern. 1. Post the url to the address video. Discern us who the politician is and where he or she is from. DO NOT schedule cause gale or arrange any patronymic that indicates gregarious leanings.  2. Using chapters 16, 17, and 18, schedule three things (delivery, matter, or signification) the debater does well-behaved. You must arrange a interval cast for the model (this resources discern us where the models starts).  3. Using the selfselfcorresponding guidelines as number 2 (chapters, diffusiveness, interval cast, etc.), schedule three things the debater could ameliorate and create a instigation for how they could ameliorate that aptitude.  RESPONSE POSTS In restitution to the things sharp out by the initiatory handbill, meet one more definitive and one more privative feature of the handbill's address. Follow the selfselfcorresponding guidelines as number two for your post. In your vindications, you must use ONE beyond origin to assistance your counter-argument (cannot be the textbook). Cite that origin in APA. You may use the selfselfcorresponding origin for twain vindication posts.