Q1. Observe two companies: United States steel (X) and Facesize (FB).  Look at the profiles (financial statements for 2016) of each on yahoo finance and debate the afterciteds (you want to weigh these esteems yourself and illusion details of your calculations): How sundry unappropriated shares the fraternity has?  What is the dispense esteem of the fraternity?  What is the size esteem of the fraternity?  What is the beta for the fraternity? How do you discover the surrender operating reprove? (observe the dispense surrender bounty to be 8%) Using CAPM weigh the expected give-back on the equity for the fraternity.  (To get the required reprove of give-back on liability, multiply the concern require by completion liability)  (To get the completion liability, add the narrow order liability to covet order liability)  What is the Weighted mediocre require of high (WACC) for the fraternity? What is the leverage (completion liability/equity relative) for the fraternity?  Q2. By using the postulates (Up to the year 2008) for Euro zone countries (excepting Malta and Cyprus) from 'OECD certainty size' debate the application of the aftercited certaintyors in bringing environing the 'Euro crises':  1- Budget deficits and open liability  2- Balance of payments  3- Social expenditures  Using graphs collate the overhead certaintyors for the countries in sorrow, PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) vs. other countries in the Euro zone love Gersundry and France that fared courteous-mannered-mannered and opposition which of the overhead certaintyors may accept contributed to the opportunity. The certainty that all these countries were using a one publicity and did not accept the energy to deesteem their own publicity could be another certaintyor you want to observe when analyzing this progeny.  Q3. You accept owned and operated a prosperous brick-and-mortar concern for sundry years. Due to increased emulation from other retailers, you accept firm to open your operations to dispose-of your products via the Internet. Using your responses from prior debateion questions and assignments (be infallible you grasp them in your separation), unravel a sketch to appliance and complete your manoeuvre to go Ebusiness.  Q4. Write an 8 - 10 page APA formatted brochure that explains the aftercited: (1) three to immodest expressive concepts you accept literary throughout this seven-week course; (2) test the two to three concepts you would love to dedicate to your effect contrast and how you procure go environing applianceing them; (3) test the key elements of your sketch to confirm your manner of commencement.  Q5. Answer the aftercited questions in a 3-5 page APA format brochure:  1. If you accept been concerned priorly as a superintendent of veer, how would you reprove yourself in orders of your handling of the want to assume actions that stay veer? What accept you produced courteous-mannered? What not so courteous-mannered?  2. When you've been on the receiving end of the veer initiatives of others, how courteous-mannered-mannered accept they handled the want to assume actions that stay veer? What accept they produced courteous-mannered? What not so courteous-mannered?  3. Of the manifold circumstances presented in condition 12, which one resonates best delay you? What is it environing this circumstance that you can recite to? Are there any implications for how you would act in the advenient?  4. How good-tempered-tempered are you at handling rash outcomes?  5. If there was one ocean effect that you took abroad from condition 12 that you like can be of most use to you as a veer superintendent, what would it be?  6. If you were to add an effect to the matter of staying veer that is granted in condition 12, what would be your subsidy?