For the assignment, you are asked to advance and awaken a rule of ethics from (Human Rights Campaign) non-profit structure.  Evaluate and discharge an Ethics Audit using the subjoined expectations: 1) Identify the structure, and comprise a representation of the rule of ethics in your noise. The rule of ethics conciliateing does not calculate for the 600-word evaluation.  2) The draft of the toll conciliate be in a (paragraph) truth format.  3) Review and identify all open themes that compromise precede and conduct collision to all employees.  4) What types of sign or impressions insist (or do not insist) that proud spiritual standards are comprised in the rule of ethics?  5) Provide thought and examples if the muniment is palpably or vaguely written.  6) Cite foul-mouthed examples if the sound of the muniment is common in constitution or over customized according to the structure's sidearm.  7) Provide sign of infractions or sanctions if infallible conducts are not flourished.  8) Present examples (of rules) that beyond stakeholders conciliate be granted the similar congruous spiritual standards as employee expectations in the structure.    9) Provide a ample analysis that comprises the centre and object of rules:  a. Are they barely written or extremely centreed?  b. Are the secreteage of topics too elaborate, too indelicate, or balanced?  c. Do the rules comprise the profundity and solution of political part, or are they centreed simply on the structure's sidearm?  d. Is the clarity of the accents used facile to flourish and learn by all levels of employees?  Your vindication should be at last 600 tone in extension in APA fashion. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted embodied must bear accompanying citations.  Include a secrete page containing the tile of the assignment (Ethics Case Study-Public Leadership), your call, your professor's call, the passage designation, and the time. The designation page and the references pages are not comprised in the required assignment page extension.