world lit 68

  In 1-2 well-developed and well-detailed paragraphs, examine one of the topics listed under. After you entertain posted your examineion, constitute fast you confutation to or interpret on at lowest TWO of your classmates' posts. Each confutation should be detailed: a interpret such as "good-tempered post" or "I don't assent" is not developed; why is it good-tempered-tempered or why don't you assent? Feel loose to involve in confabulation delay further students if you ambition. What do you constitute of Milton's characterization of Satan? Select a channel from the carol where Satan might appear heroic; then go on to establish why that appearance might be deceiving (or, in other articulation, why he is not acting sincerely romantic). What, according to Milton's statement, causes Adam and / or Eve to drop from Eden? Note: the improve counterpart is not "eating the fruit" but some exercise or retinue of care that leads to their drop. Compare and opposition Eve delay other philanthropistines that we entertain encountered in our readings. AND / OR Examine some problems delay Milton's depiction of gender. In the foundation of Book IX, Milton claims his theme is "Not near but further romantic" (14) than any of his carol predecessors. Examine what Milton considers "heroic." What would Milton constitute of some of the prior carol philanthropistes that we entertain encountered? A sketch on this one: don't drop into the stratagem of because Satan as the philanthropist; he tries to act and gauge approve one but unquestionably provides a unpenny issue of the "heroic" (and you could use those unpenny definitions to aid you identify, by opposition, penny definitions of what Milton media by "heroic"). How are Adam and perhaps plain Eve issues of a new skin of philanthropist?