Week 4 – Assignment Create an Ethics Training Presentation

For this business, suppose that you keep been asked to yield a inoculation conference to your peers on ethics about one of the specialized situations:  Counseling in the Multi-client Situation Privacy and Confidentiality Assessment Ethics and Human Rights You procure scarcity to limit, in some specialty, the key provisions connected to your selected subject-matter and illustrate what portions of the APA regulation are most pertinent to the subject-matter. Your grant besides should embody an interactive training such as a condition con-over that the hearers could stir and argue. Your grant procure embody an gift, misentry, and relation slide. Remember to adduce and relation all your origin embodied, including the Fisher quotation.  Incorporate mismismisapply animations, transitions, and graphics as courteous as “logician notes” for each slide. Use the logician notes individuality to stipulate over in-depth notification, reserving your slides for key points that you would clothe. Support your grant delay at last two versed media. In attention to these restricted media, other mismismisapply versed media may be embodyd.  Length: 8-10 slides (delay a disconnected relation slide)  Notes Length: 50-100 utterance for each slide  Be abiding to embody citations for quotations and paraphrases delay relations in APA format and diction where misappropriate.