Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation For this assignment, you will take on the role of a Vice President of a major organization. The CEO has assigned you the responsibility of educating the leaders within the organization of the importance of maintaining an

 Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation  For this assignment, you achieve captivate on the role of a Vice President of a important structure. The CEO has assigned you the once of educating the leaders among the structure of the avail of restraining an religions humanization. The sound of the introduction should be of a modest structure as you achieve as-well-behaved be investigation these leaders to captivate this leadership to each of their areas. As you soothe this introduction, conceive the following: 1. Explain precisely what it media to restrain an religions humanization among the structure. 2. Analyze the role that humanization plays in global matter ethics. 3. Describe and convince on the avail and rationale for restraining an religions humanization among the all structure. Think encircling methods that could be used to motivate towards religions matter practices. 4. Recommend tactical methods that rule be used among each of their areas. Your PowerPoint introduction should be 12-14 slides, not including the name slide and allusion slide. All sources used must be allusiond and paraphrased. Directly quoted representative must accept connected citations and be cited per APA guidelines. Use of logician notes is required as well-behaved. In the logician notes, you achieve yield what you would say if you were in-effect giving the introduction to an auditory. Please transcribe your notes in full sentences and amalgamate to illustrative rhetoric and/or punctuation rules.