Spinal Cord Injury Case Study

Your written assignment for this module should be a 2-3 page paper (not including designation page and intimation page) that addresses the subjoined subject study: The enduring is a 23-year old man who sustained a C-7 disconnection during a skiing property. He is entity infectious from the medical-surgical item to the inenduring rehabilitation item. He has origin in the area and they accept been supportive throughout his come. His mother, in point, has elapsed manifold hours at the bedside and expresses a readiness to admit him settlement and live his preservation uniformly his hospital and rehab texture are completed. The enduring has past almost 18 lbs. during his hospital come and demonstrates a wavering non-productive cough. He had been actively participating after a while visible therapy and occupational therapy, but he is currently frighten and after a whiledrawn. What deficits would be expected in a enduring after a while a C7 disconnection? What are the important entanglements of prolonged imperturbability and what are the nursing interventions that could be used to neutralize each? Why is this enduring at miss for pneumonia and what are the nursing interventions that could be used to succor neutralize this entanglement? Describe the qualitative elements of a bladder retraining program? What nursing interventions would further the enduring after a while SCI after a while psychosocial match? You should include a partiality of 3 intimations. Include a designation page, in-text citations, and a intimation page in APA format.