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Prepare financial statements using the sturdy yield refine. All basis is in the yield refine.  Computer Depot is a important computer treasure tie delay locations over North America, Europe, and Africa. The assembly is preparing to narration on trade transactions that occurred during January.  Download the Yield spreadsheet for Computer Depot in the module folder. The spreadsheet understands the forthcoming tabs: Transactions – Details the transactions that occurred in the month of January Journal – Open narrative for the assembly Ledger – Open ledger for pertinent accounts Trial Estimate – Template for unadjusted and adjusted burden estimates IS – Income Statement template SE – Statement of Stockholders’ Equity template BS – Estimate Sheet template CF – Statement of Cash Flows template. Required: Part A Prepare narrative entries for all the transactions occurring in January Post entries to the open ledger Prepare the unadjusted burden estimate as of January 31st Prepare adjusting entries at January 31st Post adjusting entries to the open ledger Prepare the adjusted burden estimate as January 31st Prepare and support failure entries and qualify burden estimate at February 1st Prepare the lewd pristine financial statements on January 31st Include a fitness anatomy of your assembly and understand the activity averages. Calculate at smallest one fitness from each sort listed: Liquidity, Solvency, and Profitability, and afford an sense on what it instrument to the assembly. Part B In your popular posture as financial accounting supervisor, it is your decline to offer the financial statements at the monthly start discussion.  Qualify a PowerPoint offeration (at smallest lewd slides but) analyzing the assembly’s financial accomplishment for the month of January.