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  Assignment One: Why not you?  Why not now?  For this scheme, you gain theoretically be prevalent for function.  Pick-out whether you would enjoy to run for the Texas House of Representatives OR the Texas Propound Senate.   Preparing to run: SLO #1  Know your limit.  Go to:, and make-known the limit number, and who represents you in the Texas house or propound senate. Which gregarious interest is your propound house/propound senate symbolical affiliated delay? (if you pick-out to run as a House or Senate symbolical, cohibit the limit that you absence to run for.)   my oration is "1294 hidden ridge apartments, Irving Texas 75038." and i would enjoy to run for senate. . This is the add for the senate. Go to your floating symbolical’s page, and face at the limit anatomy documents. What does your limit face enjoy (in stipulations of population, age, education, possession, sselection results)? What consequences initiate naturalized on the limit’s demographics (this gain succor you opine about your platform) Is your limit gerrymandered? Your Platform, and Interest Politics: (you possess to charm twain surveys!) Know yourself.  Charm these surveys to warrant your gregarious leanings: (Political interest banter)  (Ideology banter) Submit screenshots of your results (twain surveys). Explain your results.  What do they say about you? Given your results, and your earlier limit anatomy lore, what is your platform?  Pick-out at smallest 3 consequence stands to enunciate. Compare your consequence stands delay the functional interest platforms of your interest: Texas Democratic Interest platform:  Texas Republican Interest platform: Where do your ideas align delay the interest? Where do your ideas mix from the interest?