Guidelines    The extension of the Way Purpose should be seven to ten pages, double-spaced, and in severe APA format.  The Way Purpose is a expressive interest of your gait, so you should ponder it a very grave apparition.  You allure need at smallest three over sources for your Way Purpose over the way textbook.  Web instrument and administrative register declaration allure be key sources in researching your theme.  At smallest one of your sources must be obtained through the Waldorf Online Library.  In-text citations and APA referencing are required.  You allure catalogue all of your sources on a Reference Page at the end of the purpose.    The HCM 3304 Way Purpose allure comprise at smallest the aftercited sections; you may absence to comprise others if you estimate them appropriate:    1. Introduction of your Topic  2. Challenges and Problems Associated delay your Topic 3. Revisal of the Nationality Heartiness Literature  4. Critical Analysis of Challenges/Problems 5. Recommended Solutions  6. Implementation of Solutions  7. Justification of Solutions  8. Conclusion  9. References    The confessor is successful to revisal exhausts of your decisive Way Purpose so that you can bear feedback and bring-about any inevitable improvements antecedently the operation is pondered decisive for surrender. If you are submitting a exhaust revisal, gladden do so during Unit VI of the way, so that confessor has season to revisal and dilate. Your confessor is short to succor you succeed!    Some feasible Way Purpose themes for your ponderation comprise:  Career Opportunities in Epidemiology  Professional Development in Epidemiology   Disease Surveillance   Measures of Morbidity   Causes of Mortality   Randomized Clinical Trials   Validity and Reliability of Screening Tests   Cost-Benefit Analysis of Heartiness Screening   Confounding in Epidemiology   Bias in Epidemiological Research   HCM 3304, Principles of Epidemiology 3   Natural History of Disease         Evaluating Screening Programs       Role of Epidemiology in Disease Prevention        Research Ethics in Epidemiology        Classifying Race and Ethnicity in Epidemiological Research    Sharma, M., Branscum, P. W., & Atri, A. (2014). Introduction to nationality and common heartiness. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.