Effects of internet usage

FINAL EXAM Write an essay on the proceeds of Internet experience or bankruptcy thereof on your daily career. Following the steps Diane Wood took to transcribe “The Hazards of Moviegoing,” freetranscribe and search your subject (see pages 24- 25, Langan, College Writing Skills, eighth edition); make a roll of ideas that recite to your subject  organize the details into three proped groups and fit a skim outline  focus your essay on the overbearing or disclaiming aspects and arrange a subject which includes a guile of product and subject sentences for proped paragraphs  transcribe the original draw revise the draw for pleased and style  and edit errors in language, punctuation and spelling check your essay one terminal space despite the checkroll below; and give the last rendering of your essay delay an divert designation.  Unity Clear hole assertion of the sharp-end of your article?  All embodied on target in prop of the ocean sharp-end?  Support Specific declaration? (62- 66) Plenty of it? Coherence Clear Method of Organization? Transitions and other connective devices? Effective preliminary, falsification and designation?  Sentence Skills Fragments eliminated?  Run-ons eliminated?  Correct verb forms?  Subject and verb concurrence?  Faulty commensurateness and rude modifiers eliminated?  Faulty pronouns eliminated?  Capital letters used justly?  Punctuation marks where needed? Apostrophe Commas  Dashes; Parentheses  Quotation marks  Colons; semicolons  Hyphens  Correct article format and citation and documentation of sources?  Needless articulation eliminated?  Effective message precious? Possible spelling errors checked?  Careless errors removed through editing and proofreading?  Sentences divers?  Writing Requirements Use  APA  Margins  Page number  Abstract  Introduction  Conclusion