editing on my writing

I did an online assumption alteration play which is encircling a pains tidingspaper union designated " The inhabitant Sun" this union has a monstrous collision on it's ads inend and has as-well low in their digital tidings " and decreases in web traffic" so they failures me to end up delay a best applicable proposal to repay the union as precedently and rectify " innovative"   I am a effect director of the union in the play and the play has 12 starts each start has different proposals. I fine 3 starts from the 12 starts. the conclusive march was I bear to enucleate  one proposal from the all 3 starts that I bear separated. the starts was:  1. Run an alteration bootcamp delay an inside team  2. Post interrogations to the Inhabitant Sun gregarious media followers 3. Run a appropriate plan delay inherent advertisers  The proposal was : ( I chose this proposal from the principal start)   Create a record on a vulgar online video- sharing website I failure from you to do editing communication for the principal interrogation  for the relieve interrogation I failure to do editing and transcribe encircling the strategic that I used to animate me to these 3 starts. ( I used "The Four Modes of Alteration Framework"  as my strategic to adopt the starts I obtain upload it)