Data Parsing and Central Limit Thm [CLT] Exercise

  Q1  Having completed the primitive Basis Parsing Drill and participated in tabulate you are now partially free delay Excel's Pivot Tools. The basisbase contains notification on fix prize, sales expense, and sales expense collated to fix prize plus the expense of increase. You can use this basis if you are a realtor, a seller or a buyer. However, each user allure possess a contrariant question/s  that they are looking to the basis to repartee. You are to constitute five questions from one or past of these user perspectives. Using the basis as exposed through the Excel Pivot Cat's-paw confront repartees. An in may be "[Buyer] I failure to buy a lineage in a vicinity where sales expense profits the first give-back for the siege in fix and increases?" A realtor may ask. " In what vicinity am I most likely to win the first office for selling the lineages?" To enunciate your questions you allure deficiency to exploration the usual Real Estate traffic and what each stakeholder is deeming environing. You may collaborate to sift-canvass this assignment however, you must resign your own performance. Q2    This drill is planned to for gaining habit in handling basis. Use the SALES PRICE basis to cause a histogram. A histogram office exists in the ‘Data Analysis’ cat's-paw throng. If that is not helpful, you allure deficiency to cause a abundance chart as has been presented in tabulate. Given that the classification of the basis is skewed to the straight we deficiency to use the mediate period theorem concept to reveal that sampling allure remainder in a typical classification of scantling instrument. Create a shaft to the left of NBRHOOD and calculate each annals from 1 to 420. Use the RANDBETWEEN office to cause a wild starting top in the annalss for each of five scantlings of 30 each. Use essential sampling to cause the scantlings. Calculate the scantling instrument for each and graphically collate them to the moderation for the population. State whether you deem that this drill validated the Mediate Period Theorem? Why or why not?