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I NEED A POSITIVE COMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 100-120 WORDS My EBP design involves the existing restlessness of ICU and its issue on hospital diffusiveness of come. When evaluating the results of an EBP design the fractions and contingent shiftings are cool to gauge achievement. Fractions shiftings are those that insist uneven and are not radical by other shiftings (National Center for Education Statistics, n.d.). In my design the fractions shifting is existing restlessness. Contingent shiftings are those that continue on other factors (National Center for Education Statistics, n.d.). The contingent shifting in my design is the diffusiveness of come in the hospital. The fractions shifting is the one that is manipulated in adjust to swing the contingent shifting (Shuttleworth & Wilson, 2008). Implementation of an existing restlessness protocol for ICU patients should possess a direct issue on patients by decreasing the hospital diffusiveness of come. Ideally grounds would be cool on ICU patients precedently implementation of the protocol then frequently a month succeeding starting the protocol. This would surrender baseline hospital diffusiveness of come grounds on present exercitation, no existing restlessness protocol, compared to hospital diffusiveness of come succeeding existing restlessness is implemented. References National Center for Education Statistics. (n.d.). What are fractions and contingent shiftings? . Retrieved from Graphing Tutorial: Shuttleworth, M., & Wilson, L. (2008). Contingent shifting. Retrieved from Explorable: