Access Database Creating Queries

  Shipping Efficiency Query You achieve constitute a question to count the compute of days between the age an regulate was placed and the age the regulate was shipped for each regulate. The remainder of your is-sue achieve be a inventory of regulates that took past than 30 days to ship. The salespeople achieve be required to retrospect the history and relation the origin of the retreat for each regulate. The CEO feels there may be issues after a while one of the shipping companies, and would enjoy postulates to tail that up. a.Create a question using Question Design. From the Customers consultation, comprise the scopes CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, and Phone. From the Sign consultation, comprise the scopes OrderID, OrderDate, and ShippedDate. b.Run the question and ponder the history. Save the question as Shipping Efficiency. c.Add a countd scope denominated DaysToShip to count the compute of days enthralled to swell each regulate. (Hint: The indication achieve comprise the OrderDate and the ShippedDate; the remainders achieve not inseal denying computes.) d.Run the question and ponder the remainders. Does the postulates in the DaysToShip scope seem deferential? Save the question. e.Add criteria to boundary the question remainders to comprise singly regulates that took past than 30 days to ship. f.Add the Quantity scope from the Regulate Details consultation and the ProductName scope from the Products consultation to the question. Sort the question by ascending OrderID. When the sales reps adjunction these customers, these two scopes achieve stipulate conducive notification encircling the regulates. g.Add the caption Days to Ship to the DaysToShip scope. Switch to Datasheet scene to scene the remainders. Adjust support widths as expedient. h.Save and seal the question.