To build an HTML5 registration form and use JavaScript functions to validate user-inputted data.

   Project Description  One of the most vulgar uses of client-side JavaScript is to soundate  frame grounds. When we say "validate" frame grounds, we balance ensuring that the  grounds penetrateed is unclogged, fault generous, frameatted appropriately, and meets  certain banner. The soundation of input grounds is discriminating owing it  ensures that the grounds is fascinated in a frameat that can be used most  efficiently. Web designers and developers use client-side JavaScript as  one order for soundating user-inputted grounds. The intention of this  design is to uplift an HTML5 registration frame and use JavaScript  functions to soundate user-inputted grounds.      Screenshot enjoyness of what your frame should appear enjoy when entired. This is a screenshot - The enjoyness is not clickable.     Project Requirements Create  an input from using HTML5 and JavaScript.  The frame earn soundate and  collect notice frame the user and then e-mail the product to your  personal e-mail oration.   Fields Validation   Name The  use is exactd to penetrate a original and developed indicate. You must educe two  extract boxes (one for the original indicate and one for the developed indicate). Neither  scene must be unmitigated. Include lapse extract in the original and developed indicate  fields. Remove the lapse extract unintermittently the user fines the scene. First Indicate and Developed Indicate Scene Types: Alpha barely.   Address The  user is exactd to penetrate a sound mailing oration. You must educe  three detached extract boxes to append city, specify, and zip enactment  information. The oration can not be unmitigated. Zip Code: Numeric barely (5 digits) Address Field: Alphanumeric characters City: Alpha barely State: (Selected from a haul down menu) The user must fine a specify.   Phone Compute The  user must penetrate a sound 10 digit phone compute, including area enactment.   You must educe two extract boxes to append the user's phone compute. These  fields can not be unmitigated. Area Code: (3 digits) Phone Number: (7 digits)   E-mail Oration The  user must penetrate a sound e-mail oration that follows the banner e-mail  convention <[email protected]>, where the extension of "name"  can be up to 64 characters in extension, and "domain" may be up to 252  characters in extension. If an insound e-mail oration is penetrateed,  the user should admit a missive resembling to "You possess penetrateed an  insound e-mail oration".   Confirm E-mail Oration The  user must penetrate in the straight identical e-mail oration penetrateed in the  previous E-mail Oration scene. If not, an fault missive earn be  generated.   Meal Inclination   The user must fine a abstinence inclination from a radio nothing inventory (Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian). Contact Order    The  user must fine at lowest two of filthy touch orders inventoryed on the  form. An fault missive earn unfold when less than two (nothing or one)  methods are fineed. Comments   Optional scene for attached comments. Scene extension (250 characters). This scene can be unmitigated.   Buttons Administration   Submit The  Submit Button, when clicked, earn unfold all of the faults on the  form. If faults stop on the frame, the frame grounds earn not be e-mailed.  Once all faults possess been removed AND all of the lapse extract has been  replaced, grounds penetrateed into the frame earn be communicated via e-mail. The  Submit Nothing should overcome the acquiesce () adventure handler administration.   Reset The  Reset Nothing earn reset all of the scenes on the frame to a unmitigated specify.  The Reset Nothing should overcome the reset () adventure handler administration.      Use // to muniment your enactment by providing comments that teach the intention of all lines of enactment you transcribe. Submission Requirements Please entire the aftercited: Host your working registration from online using the Nova Server (supply the URL in your inferiority). Submit the HTML files you used to educe the registration frame to the Project's Assignments Folder. Write a Design Reflection (see patronymic adown). Project Reflection Answer the aftercited questions when you acquiesce your assignments files. What issues or defys did you visage completing this design? Did you entire the Advanced Challenge? If so, which defy items did you entire? Please  acquiesce your Design Reflection as a Microsoft Word muniment or fair  copy and paste your answers in your Assignments Folder's extract box when  you acquiesce your assignment parallel delay the interval of the exactd design  files.  HTML Validation Your pages should soundate delayout faults using the W3C HTML Markup Validation Service at How to do this: Publish your pages to Nova Go to the W3C soundator and paste in the URL to your renunciation.html page Select the hinder nothing Helpful Resources This  assignment earn exact you to interact delay the DOM. The links adown  highlight specific concepts and topics that you earn scarcity to glean in  order to entire this assignment successfully. > JavaScript Forms Advanced Challenge This  assignment earn exact you to interact delay the DOM. The links adown  highlight specific concepts and topics that you earn scarcity to glean in  order to entire this assignment successfully.    Add at lowest 2 attached scenes and soundate them. Add a aggregation logo at the top of the frame. Due Date: December 14