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  Draft of a 4-5 page essay (INDIVIDUAL)  How did your anatomy of this subject-matter from incongruous sources disclose  harm or not?  What possess you scholarly encircling how citizens should constitute and  judge their information?   Introduce the subject-matter, providing enhancement treatment, and aver your  stance. (your blank) on the progeny of instrument harm in an tempting  introduction.    Use precise argumentative thinking modees to portray and irritate the  presence or failure of harm and seed-plot in the multiple sources you  possess on a sole popular occurrence. Cite biased examples and comparisons.   What are some of the implications of your findings? Give your  recommendations on what citizens should to constitute conversance of popular  events.   In an postscript, animadvert upon the thinking modees you used.  Which  aspects of the Thinking mode chart did you use?  Be indisputable to enclose  reflections on your ground and dispositions.  The postscript is not  included in your 4-5 page designation.  Your article should possess at meanest 5-7 citations.  APA formatted.