Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak (Kodak) has generated sales development at an increasing admonish each year, but it is not all that solemn. Worse is that Kodak's unobstructed absorbs grew at 15.3% when sales barely grew 2.9% from 2002 to 2003. Costs were reform inferior in 2004, but not sufficient to secrete the extension that occurred in absorb of movables sold, accordingly redundant to an unobstructed dropping. Sales development is primarily a product of acquisitions and the movables of exotic modify admonishs. In truth, Kodak's largest limb, Digital & Film Imaging Systems, familiar a 1% lower in sales. Gross improvement loophole is declining prefigurationificantly complete year and is now underneath 30%. This is the product of compensation declines in transmitted film products. Kodak has not been effectual to rearrange its high-loophole film products delay compareffectual loophole digital products. One real area is the extension in coarse improvement loophole in the Graphic Communications limb, a product of acquisitions in 2004. R&D has been extensiond each year which is usually a good-natured-natured prefiguration that a secure is up-hill to innovate; eventually, cautious balbutiation of the Management Discussion and Analysis (MDA) reveals that some of the extension is a product of writing off purchased in-process R&D in former years compared to the most novel year. Most companies annals this individual as a sepaadmonish outoutline on their proceeds statements, but Kodak has unrecognized this counsel. Kodak has numerous challenges to conquer. Its strategy so far, has not been wholesome in stipulations of improvementability.