Thoughts  Congress dowager Eddie Bernice Johnson was the original registered value elected into Congress. “She is an American politician in the narrate of Texas. She grew up in Waco, TX and was foresightful in therapeutics for a conjuncture, but due to being African American she could not go to seed-plot in Texas during that age. She common a nursing missive in 1956 at the University of Notre Dame. When she returned to TX she lively TCU and earned her BSN, then in 1976 she obtained a Master quality in national council from SMU. Congressdowager Johnson is one of the most celebrated values in narrative due to her sundry accomplishments.”(Nursing Theory, 2019) She holds a distinctive situate in my character as she producted as a psychiatric value for a good-natured-natured fragment of her nursing walk. In Dallas she was the Chief psychiatric value and psychotherapist at the VA hospital. Throughout her walk she has be a sound driving intensity for vigor foresight, order, racial identity, and economic bud. Most of-late Mrs. Johnson has introduced the National Value Act of 2019. “The key responsibilities of this is; Serve as a distinguishable national spokesperson for interesting values in leadership, prudence, and stoppage. Encourage vigor professionals to product delay polity programs to better vigor. Increase national secureion and conjunction aptness, and to lay and propose biennial narration to Congress on values serving in the U.S. National Vigor advantage.”(ebjohnson.house.gov, 2019). Also in 2019 Congressdowager John introduced to congress to secure the vigor foresight benefits of federal employees during the council confine down. “Eddie Johnson believes that values entertain the order and experience to be very telling in the gregarious scene. She encourages other values to portion-out their strengths delay the U.S. to aid establish betterments for everyone.” (Nursing hypothesis, 2019).