CEO of a Healthcare organization policy paper

Assignment:  Unit 5 - Particular ProjectType:  Particular ProjectPoints Possible:  250Points Earned: Deliverable Length:  5-6 pages, not including aggravatespread or regard pagesView objectives for this assignmentDetailsLearnReadMy Work  Assignment Description In this latest device, surmise you are the chief ruler director (CEO) of your sanity construction, and you are asked by your construction's consultation of directors to equip a plan tender to be submitted to your persomal area Congressperson. In this plan tender you are defending, challenging, or twain the plan command. You scarcity to use the notification that you keep scholarly aggravate the spent weeks encircling sanity economy superintendence in the U.S. to oration the following: From your inquiry aggravate the series of the latest few weeks, assess what application do you imagine the changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Economy Act (PPACA) and/or floating parliament gain keep on the uninsured population in your persomal brotherhood or district? Evaluate and prioritize the moment of the conditions thought-out in anterior weeks (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, and the particular command) from the most material to the lowest material. State the reasons you ranked the conditions in the adjust you presented. Analyze the implicit prosperity or insufficiency of this Act and changes based on your construction and your persomal sanity economy scarcitys. Justify your notion. Discuss forthcoming implications of this Act's prosperity or insufficiency. Recommend plan updates, changes, revisions, and so forth to the PPACA and/or floating parliament that gain oration the opportunities and challenges that your construction and persomal brotherhood may dispense delay. Note: Your plan tender should be 5-6 pages, not including address page and regard page, formatted in the APA title, and it should comprise 8 condition regards, 4 of which are from peer-reviewed sanity economy journals and published delayin the latest 5 years.