Assignment of Telecommunication

Listen to 30 minutes of an NPR tidings unsparingly (Morning Edition or All Things Considered) and collate to a 30-minute tidings unsparingly on a retail radio network (ABC, CNN, Fox News, etc.) OR tend 30 minutes of the Tidings Hour on PBS and collate to a 30-minute tidingscast on a unsparingly network, CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.  Make positive you are comparing tidings casts on the SAME DAY. 1. What was the transfer relation on each tidingscast?  What similarities and differences did you mention? (Make positive you specify the inscription of the two tidings programs you collated) 2.  What is your overall collision of the way the tidings is presented on each network?  How do you elucidate the differences? 3.  What is a exoteric  popular TV demonstration that you tend on unsparingly or cconducive TV? 4.  Discuss the demonstration's ratings definite week for Adults 18-49 and entirety viewers (use  to invent ratings advice.  Look up the day of the week when your program aired).  You should chosen a program that hypocrisy betwixt 8-11 PM on a superior unsparingly or cconducive network--otherwise you won't be conducive to invent ratings advice.  If you can't invent ratings info, chosen a irrelative program. 5.  Go to and examine one condition that shares you (1-2 paragraphs). 6.  Go to  and appear up a job ad that susceptibility share you.  What is the job term and what are the qualifications?