assignment   Dear students,  I own accepted a lot of announces to critique from students, some of them own been meritorious, which is good-natured-natured to see. From the feedback I own consecrated, I provision I would summarise it for all students: * Reach abiding you are using a groundsset of fictions, at last 5000 fictions delay at last 3 classes * Use a manner of either 1. fiction mannering delay neural network, OR 2. sagacious acquirements neural network. Any other technique is not set-right, e.g. SVM, etc.  * Split your grounds truly, 70% for luxuriance, 10% for validation, 20% for testing.  * You deficiency to comprise truthfulness (%) products for all, luxuriance, testing and validation.  * The luxuriance curves should comprise the luxuriance, testing and validation product for each epoch * Reach abiding the luxuriance continues until the products plateau * The indistinctness matrix should be used to visualise the testing products * Use the template comprised to reach your announce. * Double-check the coursework term and marking theory to reach abiding you own comprised anything that is required.  Good luck!