Assignment 2: Building a Training Program

  In this assignment, you obtain evaluate different approaches to evaluating a grafting program and then generate an toolable postgrafting evaluation educe to evaluate your results. To acceleration you artifice your evaluation, less is some contrast information: The program is titled Basic Manufacturing Skills for New Employees. The assort largeness is one hundred new employees delay basic skills including mathematics, engineering, talk, and balbutiation. The assort is a alliance of exhortation and skilled application: Basic skills: Required for instant contact on the product floor Intermediate skills: Required for wayion to past tangled peculiarity curb functions Advanced skills: Required for supervisory positions to retinue new employees Tasks: Write a 2- to 3-page tractate including defenses to the subjoined points: Identify the way that you would use to project and tool a cheerful grafting evaluation. Support your defense delay a rationale. As a sunder of your tractate, generate a postgrafting evaluation educe (in a Microsoft Word muniment) consisting of favoring measurable areas delay a powerful rating lamina.