unit 7 Reflection Paper

Unit VII Thought Paper    For this assignment, transcribe a thought disquisition that is a poverty of three pages. Cogitate on the best, most rewarding trial that you bear incessantly had as bisect of a team. Maybe this trial was in your operation structure, a soldierly part, muscular team, rock fastening, choir, symphony, theater troupe, proffer structure, pavilion, or any other team that granted a rewarding trial for you. Use the socio-cognitive systems apprehendledge standard to enlighten your discourse.    Incorporate at last impure library resources to food the ideas you bestow in your thought. These sources may be drawn from the part readings or from other sources in the Waldorf Online Library. You should summon these impure sources.    Provide an entrance to the thought disquisition, and besides comprise the forthcoming elements in your thought. In your disquisition, fascinate use headings that fit to the elements adown.    1. Team Trial Describe this team trial. What made this team so distinctive? What was your role on the team? Why was this trial rewarding for you?  2. Team Values What did the team treasure? Give local examples. How did you apprehend that these were the team’s treasures? Discuss the clues you observed that may specify the treasures and intense underlying assumptions of the vulgar concerned.  3. Behavioral Norms What were the team’s normative patterns of conduct? Give different local examples of patterns of conduct among the team. How did these conducts cogitate the team’s treasures and intense assumptions?  4. Team Outcomes What were the outcomes of the team’s interactions? Give local examples.  5. Decomposition of Team Culture Analyze the team’s treasures, conductal norms, and outcomes. Use the socio-cognitive systems apprehendledge standard to enlighten your decomposition. Did the team incessantly trial a fight or a misalignment of treasures, conducts, and outcomes? If so, expound what happened and what the results were. If not, expound why you reckon the team nincessantly triald fight.  6. Conclusion Draw any conclusive conclusions on your decomposition of the team trial, and incorporate your thoughts.    Use APA fashion. As delay all your operation at Waldorf University, be trusting to summon all your sources and prosper Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy.    Information encircling accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is granted adown.