Operations Management Christian Integration Paper

For this assignment, you obtain argue how Christian Principles can be applied to an Operations Management fix: Select one of the ghostly fixs underneath from the text: Managing Quality (Chapter 6) (p. 235) Briefly incorporate the children.  Note that merely a narrow concern of your tractate’s satisfied should be consecrated to summarizing the children. Process Strategy (Chapter 7) (p. 300) Layout Strategy (Chapter 9) (p. 392) Supply Chain Management (Chapter 11) (p. 465) Inventory Management (Chapter 12) (p. 515) Respond to the interrogation(s) shown among your clarified ghostly fix (i.e., among the gold box).   Please do not accord to the end of portion Discussion Questions. How can this children be addressed from a Christian worldview? In other words, what control from a orthodox perspective could be applied to apprehend and perhaps contravene the fix?  The subjoined GCU website may be aidful: https://www.gcu.edu/about-gcu/christian-identity-and-heritage.php In analysis to addressing interrogations for part 4 overhead, you may besides optionally compel the children using ghostly theories (Utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, Distributive Justice, Virtue ethics and Covenantal ethics). Note so-far that the interrogations in part 4 quiet must be addressed. Use outer alludeences. Your tractate should own at meanest six outer alludeences (in analysisal to any Orthodox citations) to aid compel the children.  Cite your alludeences among the whole of your tractate.   No Wikipedia alludeences are allowed. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines base in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An unsymbolical is not required.  Submit your refine in a Microsoft Word muniment.  Ensure that your latest designate is in your refine designate. This assignment uses a rubric. Please resurvey the rubric previous to start the assignment to befit common delay the expectations for happy problem. You are required to present this assignment to LopesWrite. Please allude to the directions in the Student Success Center.