Module 34

  Meow-Mart is a charily owned cat boutique specializing in custom-built cat condos. Meow-Mart has teamed up delay a topical carpentry transaction and entertain seen a peal in transaction delayin a 100 mile neighborhood to the stores forestate. Meow-Mart has firm to rent a Superintendence Information Systems consultant to assess and commend an Information Technology cunning that buttresss the forthcoming transaction objectives: Improves marketing to all 50 states Automates transaction transactions Secures personal basis Streamlines logistics such as provide superintendence and distribution Provides a collaborative communications platform Ensures that there is no forfeiture of basis due to sudden outages Instructions You gain give your IT cunning to Meow-Mart’s Owner using Microsoft PowerPoint. You gain demand to apprehend audio explaining the slides, diagrams/charts, regulative separation, and Disaster Recovery Planning worksheet. To experience succor on how to apprehend audio delay your PowerPoint giveation see the concatenate in Resources. The temporization must apprehend the forthcoming components: Explain the types of Information Technology systems that would buttress the objectives (1 slide, apprehend quotation description in the notes) Use diagrams and/or charts as a visual aid (2 slides stint) Provide regulative separation in ordain to gauge execution and benchmarks (1-2 slides) Use the Disaster Recovery cunningning worksheet (attached) to enucleate a temporization that ensures no forfeiture of basis due to sudden outages (1 slide, apprehend quotation description in the notes) Resources (if demanded) Designing Superintendence Information Systems The Disaster Recovery Handbook PowerPoint audio succor