For this assignment, you get fashion a PowerPoint endowment environing the lessons skilled from an clear that has occurred among the latest 15 years among your topical class or residence specify.   The PowerPoint endowment should shield the areas listed under.  1. Identify an clear that has occurred in your topical area or residence specify among the latest 15 years (human-made, eventual, or technological). 2. Summarize the clear. 3. Explain what agencies responded at the federal, specify, and topical levels and how helpful resources may possess protected the jurisdictional procedures. 4. Analyze how principal responders interacted delay other agencies during the clear and how the National Clear Management System (NIMS) may or may not possess been used. 5. Describe what lessons were skilled from the clear fixed on principal responders’ interactions. 6. Discuss any coming considerations for responding to these types of clears.   Support your PowerPoint endowment delay images or graphics, and involve at smallest two resources. Your PowerPoint endowment must be a reserve of six slides in tediousness (not counting the heading and regard slides) and must flourish APA mode for regards and citations.  Reference:   Sauter, M. A., & Carafano, J. J. (2012). Homeland security: A finished regulate (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.