Statement of purpose

Essay 500 suffrage. 1. Explain your goals and expectations for pursuing the DNP-Mental Heartiness program. 2. Provide embezzle examples of informational and walk paths that are in alignment after a while the element conduct chosen. (Nurse Educator, AGNP, FNP, PNP, PMHNP, WHNP) and your intellect of the role of a Encourage Educator or Encourage Practitioner. 3. Outline your intent of exercise to be lucky in this program: (This is a 100% online conduct. Give a intent of exercise to be lucky on this program) 4. Describe how you intent to apportion your DNP information to rule heartinesscare outcomes: (I would approve to rendezvous on creating a Non-profit structure for our war veterans after a while Moral Heartiness disabilities)  - Essay should be a incompleteness of 500 suffrage. - Essays should animadvert lore and profoundness. - Essays should use embezzle learning and citations to stay main points, demonstrating amend APA format. - Cite from at lowest two Evidence Based Practice profession that fulfill the issue’s gist. - Includes intimation to AACN essentials. About me: I am started as a admonish encourage in a Psychiatric Moral Heartiness part. I graduated from Florida National University after a while a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). It was a very challenging and compact program. I had to do clinical reversions at hospital floors integral week to entire a completion of 150 hrs per semester. During my clinical reversion habit I felt a unarm-an after a while Psych -Mental heartiness element in feature, and this is one of the reasons I absence to track the DNP in Moral Health.    I am very passionate environing moral heartiness nursing, and it was my habits in the behavioral facilities that revealed me to track a walk in this element. I combined relish started after a while this resigned population and accept the ripeness, submission, and intellect to be lucky in this posture. I encountered moral heartiness and chemical dependency issues in approximately integral clinical reversion entired including Medical/Surgical, Oncology, Long Term Care, and Emergent Care. I handle strongly that there is a sharp shortage of moral heartiness services advantageous in our communities.