Management Informations Systems

   This item addresses the role of the technology authoritative in an form and how notice technology (IT) systems rule formal strategies. This occurrence examine awakens two retailers' employment models and strategies. Then, it looks at the role that technology and IT personnel delineate in the assigned employment occurrence, and, finally, makes the junction among how IT rules those formal strategies. This assignment allows you to foreclosure the read concepts and parades you how to employ those concepts to parade a argumentative alignment among those requirements read in this item and the assignment. Assignment Instructions: Analyze the occurrence examine titled "Who's the World's Top Retailer? Walmart and Amazon Duke It Out" on pp. 116-118 of your textbook. For this assignment, you earn scarcity to: 1. awaken the occurrence examine comparing Walmart and Amazon's employment models and employment strategies, 2. decipher the role that notice technology delineates in each of these employmentes and illustrate the role of the multitudinous IT authoritatives confused in this occurrence,  3. decipher how IT helps rule Walmart and Amazon's formal strategies, and 4. digest your findings in a two- to three-page Nursing essay.