Write a five to six page pamphlet (12 object Times New Roman, enfold spaced, one inch margins) on one of the forthcoming topics by cogitation upon systematize texts. Please adduce the appropriate readings from our systematize in your pamphlet. You do not want to adduce anything other than the readings we entertain elaborate in systematize. If your pamphlet has any joined sources (including online materials), you must regularly adduce them to fly plagiarism. Use footnotes or parenthetical quotation to mark your sources. No hide page or bibliography is required. Choose one of the forthcoming topics for your pamphlet: 1. Discuss St. Athanasius’ agreement of God’s exercise of fable through the impersonation of the Word.  a. Source: Athanasius, On the Incarnation, Ch. 1-2. 2. Discuss the three men-folks of the Trinity and their agreementships to each other, especially as taught by the 11th Council of Toledo. a. Source: Statement of Faith of the 11th Council of Toledo. 3. Describe how the Church’s agreement of Christ’s kindness and nature exposed during the councils of Nicea (325), Constantinople (381), Ephesus (431), and Chalcedon (451).  a. Source: Ocáriz, Seco, and Riestra, The Mystery of Jesus Christ, 52-68, 90-99, 104-111. 4. Discuss Karl Rahner’s aspect on how primordial sin affects cosmical immunity in agreement to sin and favor. Also, how does he hold Christ frees kindness from primordial sin? a. Source: Rahner, Foundations of Christian Faith, 105-116.  all the sources are attached.