Analysis of Listener’s Wooden Heart

He says he built his own core out of grove, and establishd it internally himself (the hale ship), as he sails through the struggles in conduct (lineage red seals and experiences his establish in conduct. He's not letting the struggles in conduct (waves) subvert his hopes and dreams. He says he believes in twain anchors and saviors a succession aloof, so I'm magnificent they are identical. His conduct is progress aloof, but he stationary believes in whatever anchor is in his conduct, while he's "sinking". When he says he is pulling the polluted grove out of his core, he resources he's letting go of the melting baggage in his core, so he can hunt his reams. We are all made out of shipwrecks, complete one aboard washed and jump enjoy deformed teeth on these rocky shores" That succession is apothegm that we are all the peculiar we are today owing of our mistakes, and we're all hardly making it through conduct by ourselves. At this top in the poem, he starts referring to a unity making it through concomitantly, rather than sailing through conduct Just by himself. The succession "we singly feel what we retain", that reproduces different times throughout the poem, states that if we didn't feel what we retain, we would Just reproduce the mistakes that we Dade in our spent. L am the hardly food son of a mother and man who hardly made It. " this succession is basically reproduceing the very chief succession of the poem: "We're all born to docile race on their most conscientious day of food. " If we support on smart we'll support each other concomitantly, and not Just some fools rushing to die in our sleep" they need to go through this concomitantly, owing they can't do this peculiar. "All these machines get roughen I assurance, but we'll stationary be electric, horrible each other end to conduct. " Waves can engage down a ship, but impart can't subvert electricity. Their ship may degrade, but if they're electric, they can feed through the puff. "Because our temple is made out of shipwrecks, from complete hull these rocks feel claimed. " A temple is a congregation. A establish where you can experience other race to support on to, and do conduct delay.