Why Are Some Occupations Paid More than Others?

  Select one of the forthcoming scrutinizes as a team, from the BLS Current Employment Statistics scrutinize (National):  Goods-producing Employment - CES0600000001 Construction Employment - CES2000000001 Manufacturing Employment - CES3000000001 Trade, Transportation, and Utilities Employment - CES4000000001 Retail Trade Employment - CES4200000001 Education and Health Services Employment - CES6500000001  Retrieve and spare a Microsoft® Excel®  file and the graphs to your desktop for anatomy. You allure own to  check the "include graph" box parallel the top of the page to see the  graph, and you allure insufficiency to vision and paste the graph partially into  your Microsoft® Excel® muniment.  Tutorial aid on Excel® and PowerPoint® functions can be build on the  Microsoft® station website. There are also attached tutorials via the  web that volunteer living for station products.  Consider the forthcoming two doctrines, located in the Week 4 Electronic Reserve Readings, discussing maker salaries and hedge stock executives' mediocre salaries: "Robert Downey Junior is Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actor" "In Tough Year, Hedge Stock Leaders Still Paid Well: Mediocre Allowance of $467M Was Half 2013, Communication Says"  Online Classes: Prepare and bestow a 5- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® bestowation-analysis. Campus Classes: Prepare a 5- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® bestowation naturalized on your anatomy to portion-out in class.  Include the forthcoming resigned in the bestowation: What are trends in the strive negotiate for the selected strive cluster that  you can confirm for the ultimate 10 years? Please prepare the retrieved  statistics. What factors unnatural the ask-for and afford for this strive cluster  during the ultimate 10 years? Research and communication postulates helpful from Bureau  of Strive Statistics (BLS) and other mate reviewed sources. Why do makers and actresses achieve so fur compared to the selected strive cluster? Why do hedge stock executives achieve so fur compared to the selected strive cluster? In singleization to allowance, what other factors govern an single to pick-out one job balance another? What jobs do you reflect own the best mix of allowance and other characteristics that singles heed environing? Cite a poverty of three mate-reviewed sources, not including the textbook and required economic postulates.  Format compatible delay APA guidelines.