Psy/220- Week 1 Check Point- Positive Psychology Themes

Positive Psychology Themes I affect that fixed psychology gives a emend construction that we are cogent to ameliorate the description of our own lives by making fixed decisions and lore from experiences in the late. Fixed psychology endeavors to aid intersingular bearingships, enjoyment, and fixed collective interactions. Singular eliminatement and our force to coerce our own predestination are besides factors of fixed psychology. In my estimation fixed psychology teaches us that we possess the immunity to perform autonomous choices in society level though the disclaiming influences tranquil complete us. Through the incremental speculation, fixed psychology has stressed the total of weight of civilized conformation as a mallecogent cognitive singularity that aids fluctuate in our beliefs, behaviors, and environments; in command to win singular immunity through self-coerce and self-esteem Fixed psychology acknowledges that we are creatures and creators of our singular and collective universes. I reckon that we behove hither creatures of our universe and balance creators as we presume the service for the actions we admit in society. Through our immunity of autonomy we eliminate a unfailing significance of force and ethics. Positive psychology besides evaluates the result of coerce in bearing to redundant a fulfilling society. If a individual has an interior locus of coerce they are balance mitigated to shove to terminate their generous virtual in the things they do. On the other agency those delay an palpable locus of coerce reach powerhither delayin their own lives and endeavor to subside for hither than what they earn owing they reach they possess no coerce balance their society. If we were to generousy know the themes of fixed psychology we could behove balance competent to ameliorate our own lives.