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Assignment encircling lobbying strategies. The concern order you allure transcribe encircling is the AMERICAN HOTEL AND LODGING ASSOCIATION (AHLA) AHLA are hotel owners and democratics who stay Donald Trump and tax cuts he gives them but he gives them a solid opportunity when it comes to migration. Hotels insist on low wage immigrants to effort for them.  Trumps ban on migration makes that solid.  hotels  generate billions in produce. Ahla is democratic. the best way to lobby is not to face superintendent at-once.  a way to do that is by appealing to other other Democratic conventionman who illustrate a democratic declare where they bear a harmonious total such as cultivation and cultivation. Farmers insist on low wage seasonal strive immigrants to effort on their farm.  also attain out to committee members who bear your identical concerns and connections to mass in convention to invite consideration and mobilize stay from convention.  Talk encircling the management touching tourism how distinct declares insist on tourism. Appeal to other bussinesses affect cultivation  5 PAGES  USE AHLA WEBSITE FOR INFO