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 Instructions: (Note: As an HIM gatherer it is not solely momentous to gather grounds, concepts, and principles, you must to-boot be efficacious to effectively reflect crucially about this comprehension in a multiplicity of increasingly complicated ways. The Case Study activities earn acceleration emend your crucial reflecting skills needed in your advenient success.) Ethical Situation: Since May, you accept been inaugurated delay a recruiter to allure a new aspect in HIM. Your knowledge includes balance ten years in inpatient and outpatient coding. You are an AHIMA general ICD-10 trainer, and you accept labored delay your propound partnership on coding projects balance the advanced two years. Nothing the recruiter has presented to you has been a cheerful fit, but in advanced September, the recruiter calls delay aspects disclosed for coding eyewitness. You accept never produced that emblem of labor precedently, but are assured you could gather, and the recruiter gets you a phone consultation. During the colloquy, the HIM supervisor for the construction says that she sees you accept been an eyewitness gone May. You directly concede the HIM supervisor has the evil-doing percussion of your knowledge. Determine the embezzle conduct of resuspassage in tally to the consultationer's propoundment. Provide plea inveterate on the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Your tally must be double-spaced using Times New Roman or Calibri 12-point font. References: AHIMA. 2016 AHIMA Code of Ethics. Link (Links to an visible position.)Links to an visible position. http://library (Links to an visible position.)Links to an visible position..ahima.org/xpedio/groups/public/documents/ahima/bok1_024277.hcsp?dDocName=bok1_024277   GRADING CRITERIA Write a reserve of 500 signification, double-spaced. 5 points Explain in each chapter using separation and conversant view delay assertions cheered by declaration. 13 points Use fair passage and APA passage rules 2 points Provide URL delay use of APA format 2points Use fair spelling and grammar 3 points TOTAL 25 points This assignment comes from 2016 AHIMA Health Information Management Cases Studies. CAHIIM Subdomain VI.H.1