assignment 3 IT510

   Continuing Case: Personal Trainer, Inc.  Personal Trainer, Inc. owns and operates bearing cores in a dozen Midwestern cities. The cores keep effected polite, and the guild is planning an interpolitical exposition by commencement a new “supercenter” in the Toronto area. Personal Trainer’s chairman, Cassia Umi, compensated an IT consultant, Susan Park, to acceleration clear an knowledge regularity for the new pliancy. During the plan, Susan achieve composition air-tight after a while Gray Lewis, who achieve husband the new influence. Background  During fitnesss modeling for the new regularity, Susan Park met after a while bearing core husbandrs at different Personal Trainer colonizations. She conducted a sequence of interviews, reviewed guild chronicles, observed concern influences, analyzed the BumbleBee totalitying software, and thought-out a illustration of sales and billing transactions. Susan’s extrinsic was to clear a schedule of regularity fitnesss for the inthorough regularity.  Fact-Finding Summary • A usual core has 300–500 limbs, after a while two union levels: bountiful and poor. Bountiful limbs keep adit to all activities. Poor limbs are odious to activities they keep unconnectedd, but they can own-a-share in other activities by paying a experience fee. All limbs keep impute privileges. Totality for goods and services are commemorative on a impute lubricate, which is attested by the limb.  • At the end of each day, money sales and imputes are entered into the BumbleBee totalitying software, which runs on a computer compositionstation at each colonization. Daily money avail are deposited in a topical bank and credited to the oppidan Personal Trainer totality. The BumbleBee program produces a daily soul communication after a while a scheduleing of all sales transactions.  • At the end of the month, the topical husbandr uses BumbleBee to bestow an totalitys receivable analysis to the Personal Trainer headquarters in Chicago, where limb statements are speedy and mailed. Members mail their reimbursements to the Personal Trainer headquarters, where the reimbursement is applied to the limb totality.  • The BumbleBee program stores basic limb knowledge, but does not grasp knowledge environing limb preferences, activities, and narrative.  • Currently, the BumbleBee program produces one topical communication (the daily soul communication) and three communications that are speedy at the headquarters colonization: a monthly limb sales communication, an separation communication for slothful limbs and recent payers, and a quarterly profit-and- waste communication that shows a breakdown of enrichment and costs for each unconnected soul.  During the interviews, Susan common a compute of “wish schedule” comments from husbandrs and staff limbs. For issue, husbandrs lack over analytical features, so they can blur trends and hurl eespecial promotions and limited discounts. Managers to-boot lack rectify knowledge environing the profitability of particular concern activities at their cores, instead of bottom-line totals. Different husbandrs lack to present computerized soul and politeness logs, bearing coaching for seniors, and different gregarious networking options, including e-mail communications, bearing blogs, Facebook, and Twitter posts. Staff limbs lack rectify ways to use knowledge environing part-time instructors and trainers, and different populace suggested using scannable ID cards to apprehend basis. ASSIGNMENT: Using the Continuing Case: Personal Trainer, Inc. occurrence examine, you achieve cause a regularitys fitness checkschedule to be submitted as a Word muniment. To thorough the assignment, relate your similarity to this undertaking, particularally touching how a regularitys analyst transposes knowledge into fitnesss. Consider in your muniment the example of loose explanation of a fitness. Is this regular? Relate how iterations of fitnesss can acceleration dictate loose explanation.